Get Involved

Newcomers Connecting Lunch

We hold regular connecting lunch events (virtually). This is a time to connect with members of our church and leadership, find out more about our church, programs, discipleship and serving opportunities, and leadership structure. Please visit the newcomers page to learn more.


We hold quarterly membership classes that cover the beliefs, history, and structure of our church. It is also an opportunity to get to know Pastor Phil and a starting point for making GLC your home. Contact to learn more.

Community Groups

Community Groups are a great avenue to connect with our church body. Our prayer is that you will find a safe place to be yourself with people who you can share life with. Email to get more information and join a group.

Life Transformation Groups

Life Transformation Groups (LTGs) are smaller in size and shorter in duration than community groups. In these groups, we focus on building each other up in our relationship with God and intentionally growing through accountability and scripture reading. Email to get more information and join a group.


People in today’s time are at various levels of commitment in their spiritual journey and walk with the Lord. All of these people do not fit nicely on a vertical hierarchy of maturity and knowledge of God, but rather, they fit on a horizontal spectrum from being hostile to the Gospel to being a fully devoted disciple of Christ. Nevertheless, we believe that there are major points on this spectrum that can serve as markers to the progress that one is making in their spiritual journey. We have multiple approaches that are structured for people to join in on the mission that God has for them.

We believe that it is our goal to meet people wherever they are in their walk of faith and continue them onward toward that “for which Christ Jesus took hold of” them. Email to learn more about our discipleship and seminar opportunities.

Grow and Serve

In our journey with God, knowledge and action go hand-in-hand. As we grow, God calls us to love and serve those around us in our homes, neighborhoods, workplaces and communities.

We believe that when we serve, God uses these different ministry opportunities to further develop our character and experience the Holy Spirit. As a church family, there's a part and role for everyone to participate and use their giftings. Get involved by talking to any of our church leadership.

As part of our ethos, we encourage everyone to participate in mission opportunities both here locally and globally. Yearly, we have been joining our ministry partners abroad in Peru and locally here in Baltimore City. If you would like to hear more, please email Pastor Phil.